Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The reason for good grammar use is to guarantee th Essays

The reason for good grammar use is to guarantee that what you write is effectively appreciated and is simple and pleasant to read. Yes, I believe my grammar has improved drastically since the beginning of this course. One tip I learned from the Grammar review h andout was how to use punctuation with quotes: Periods and commas always go inside the quotes. I have never really had to use correct grammar so this review really helped me a lot. Yes, I feel better using commas, commas have always been a problem for m e, especially run on sentences. A fter taking this class , and reviewing the lessons, it has become clearer when and how to use commas, such as adding a comma and a coordinating conjunction. It is important to use outside sources to provide supporting documentation to what you are writing about, the best way to tell the difference between a good and bad source is to use credible sources, such as, school library, or google scholar. The difference between p araphrasing and plagiarism is , paraphrasing is a re-statement of something that was a written or spoken phrase and not crediting the original author in your citations . Plagiarizing is when you copy word for word from outside source and not credit the author . The difference is that paraphrasing is using an idea that you have read, plagiarizing is when you use someone else's work word for word. One way I will a void plagiarism in the future is not to copy more than two words in a row without using quotations and correctly citing my work in papers.

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