Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Usability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Usability - Essay Example There are many similar websites on the web for example Interseller (2010), but this one seems more organized in terms of its content and layout. There is a very useful option to increase the font size on the website so that older people or weak sighted people face no difficulty. There are few templates available on the website that are equipped with tools and features for enhancing usability. These templates can be downloaded for free and be used as a basis for further development. ‘Search Input Box’ is placed on the website to help the user find the required information on the website instead of browsing through the entire content. Information is grouped in a comprehensive manner for example; all the guidelines can be found in one section while templates can be found in the other. There is a print option that can facilitate the printing of the content on the website. The main aim of the site is communicated at the homepage in a clear and comprehensible manner. The whole website can be shared with someone via email, facebook, twitter etc. The sharing of this website will highlight the importance of usability and make people aware about the measures that have been taken by the government to enforce usability standards. A step-by-step visual map is present on the site to help the web designer understand the design process. There is a blogging area present on this site. It is very informative since it has articles and discussions related to the latest and emerging technologies. People can share their opinions and discuss the most effective measures that can be taken to enhance usability. I found many interesting articles there and aim to follow the discussions regarding my field of interest. It is a very useful site for the web developers and designers since they can follow a comprehensive step-by-step guideline to produce usable websites. Web designers are aware of the

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