Thursday, November 21, 2019

Relationship that Exist between Workers and their Bosses Essay

Relationship that Exist between Workers and their Bosses - Essay Example Lawson (2003) defines management control as a process during which the business management practitioners follow a systematic procedure to compare the performance against the set objectives to ensure that they do conform to the standards set by the organization. They are meant to ensure that the employers work in the most efficient manner, that the corporate resources are used in the most effective way, and that organizational objectives are achieved. The management is meant to set standards, measure actual performance, and solve problems (taking corrective actions). Therefore, the management control has the following stages: Planning – setting of the organizational objectives that are well understood and agreed upon, measurable in time, achievable, consistent, and require available resources Programming – setting up of strategies of achieving the set objectives, taking into accounts the restraints of the organization. Result checking – checking whether the set ob jectives of the organization have been achieved. ... Labor is the process by which nature and man participate in achieving a certain function. The man starts, regulates, and controls the actions that take place between the function and nature. Labor is taken to be human by supposition. At the end of every labor process, the result that is found corresponds to what already existed in imagination before the work started (Albert & Hahnel, n.d). Man’s activities during which the resources are used are, therefore, essential in the labor process. The process is accepted depending on the product manufactured at the end of the process. Art, for example, is the product of all the artistic work done by the artist, from the initial stages to the realization of the final product. Though products are a use value of the labor process, other products of the previous labor enter into the use value in the form of production. When taken from the perspective of process, a product is a subject of labor and also a means of production, qualifying lab or to be considered as productive. Young (1974) argues that unlike the extraction industries where the labor material is provided instantly by nature, industries have to convert raw materials through labor. Every product is realized after a series of processes takes place during transformation. All this transformation requires a supervisor, who has to offer services in the form of labor, so that a final product that conforms to the objectives is produced or realized. Raw materials being the primary subjects of a final product, they should be used by instruments of labor; these materials have to be used so that the end product can be realized. An example is petroleum that has to be used by an engine so that work and movement can be achieved in a vehicle; the raw products at the end cannot

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